Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


The Warrior House Dai Da Chi of the Capellan Confederation has one of the most interesting schemes in the Battletech universe in my opinion. Mechs and other vehicles are painted in a “gold-tinged green”. Whatever that means …

The miniature was reposed and I sculpted a jump jet effect on the back of the Mech. For the painting I started by wet blending a medium green and a yellow ocher, then used a plethora of glazes – very dark green, a variety of yellows, golden brown, ivory, … – to tweak everything until I was satisfied.

The Wraith is my latest attempt to paint this scheme and arguably my most successful (so far). I feel it is a huge step forward compared to my earlier Dai Da Chi Firebee. Fun and interesting to paint and definitely not my last stab at this interesting scheme 🙂

You can also find the Wraith featured on Camospecs Online with a tabletop background.

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