Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


The Usling is a custom creation by the very talented Justin Balk. It is a design by the Ghost Bear Dominion and my example is part of the Rasalhague Bears. Working on one of Justin’s creations for the first time I was really surprised how seamless his modifications are. The miniature uses parts of at least 4 different miniatures (all from Iron Wind Metals by the way), but everything fits together perfectly – not just regarding fit, but also regarding style.

As a Clan Mech a camo scheme was a logical choice. Most of the Clan’s units have parade schemes, but according to fluff many prefer camouflage in the field (let’s just pretend it makes sense to camouflage 15 meter tall walking tanks … 😉 ). The idea for the scheme is very loosely based on Adam Steiner’s Axman from the old cartoon series 1st Somerset Strikers. I tried to paint the base in similar colors to make sense for the camo, but at the same time different enough to be interesting.

All in all a very interesting miniature to paint.

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