Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel

UrbanMech IIC

This UrbanMech IIC was definitely a speed paint for me … hardly one month from buying the miniature to the finishing touches πŸ˜‰

The miniature has been slightly reposed from its static pose to be a little more dynamic – the legs were bent at the knees and some movement added to the hips trying to create the impression that the Mech is twisted to the left a little. I just wanted to add a little movement without going over the top as the UrbanMech is very a very slow unit in-universe, especially for a light Mech. But since it is a specialist for urban combat (d’oh) speed is not of essence.

Painting-wise I tried a few new things and experimented a little. While I am happy with the overall result it didn’t quite turn out as planned … so what did I do? After priming the miniature I painted the armor panel in grey acting as the ‘factory primer’. The main colors were then applied using a blister foam, thus creating an uneven application letting lots of the ‘primer’ shine through. The idea was to create the impression of a Mech which had seen lots of action on an urban battlefield were lots of debris from destroyed buildings is flying around, scratching the paint in multiple places. This didn’t turn out exactly as planned and in hindsight I probably would have been better of using masking fluid to create the desired effect. I decided to work with the results however and started shading and highlighting everything. During the further painting everything was further and further de- and refined adding volume to the scratches and weathering, painting rust and dirt streaks and adding more and more ‘life’ to the miniature.

For the base I chose a simple urban rubble environment with a torn up road sign added to give a sense of scale (made from blister packaging and a needle).

Even though the result was different from what I imagined, it felt good to try out new things and try out new approaches to achieve certain effects πŸ™‚

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