Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


Another experiment – a Talos BattleMech where I tried my hand at a winter white wash as was often used on tanks during World War 2 to create an ad-hoc winter camo using whatever was available – paint, lime, … Those makeshift solutions would easily wear off resulting in a heavily weathered appearance.

I tried several different methods for achieving the worn-off white paint look and in the end I settled for masking fluid. First I painted the Mech in a camouflage scheme (forest/plains), including basic shadows and highlights and insignia, numbers and the like. Next I liberally applied masking fluid with a sponge (blister foam … arguably the most versatile tool ever) followed by white paint. Lacking an airbrush I just used a can of white spry paint. Before removing the masking fluid I shaded and highlighted the white to reestablish lights and shadows. After removing the masking fluid I further detailed the miniature – more highlights and shadows, dirt, weathering and all the little things which are the most fun and seem to take forever…

Definitely an interesting experiment. I don’t think it was entirely successful as it impossible difficult to get such a level of detail on a 6mm scale miniature without hopelessly overloading it. If I am going to try a winter wash it, I hope I am going to have an airbrush at my disposal and I would definitely choose a miniature with a clearer silhouette and less detail overall.

The Talos is also featured in the product catalogue on the Iron Wind Metals website (or it should be soon…) and with a terrain background on CSO. Feel free to take a look 🙂

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