Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel

Shilone 1.0

Shilone 1.0 – my first attempt to paint an Aerospace fighter from the BattleTech universe. I decided to try something a little bit extra with the base and to create the appearance of a hangar floor or an airstrip. I have included a picture with a 1 Cent coin so you can get an idea of the overall size. The crewman is 6mm ‘tall’ from head to toe …

But why Shilone 1.0? Well, I plan to revisit the miniature later this year and add some more life to the base. Maybe in time for Crisis 2009. Keep your eyes open or Shilone 2.0 in the near future. Update: Well, I never got around to doing Shilone 2.0 (obviously …), but I still managed to snag a bronze award in the ‘smaller than 6mm category’ at Crisis 2009 with the Shilone 🙂

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