Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


I had the chance to paint this rare BattleTech miniature for a second time. Actually it is the same MechForce UK Mackie miniature I painted in 2009 … now you are probably asking ‘what happened’? Well, the German Postal Service (Deutsche Post) happened … The Mackie along with the Liberator were securely packed and given over to the post office for delivery to the UK and to cut a long story short after being in limbo for what felt like forever the parcel was returned to me looking as if it was run over by a truck. The miniatures were badly mauled but salvageable, the paintjob was badly mauled but not salvageable ? But at least this gave me the chance to paint this rare miniature again and remedy some of the mistakes I made on the first version. Overall I am much more happy with the incarnation. Again the scheme is a variant of the standard Star League Defence Forces scheme adding grey as a highlight color. For the cockpit I tried something different from the ‘jeweling technique’ which seems to be almost ubiquitous for Mech cockpits these days and I really like the result.Watch movie online Get Out (2017)

But without further ado I present the Re:Mackie.

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