Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


Started back in 2010, but only finished now thus becoming my first completed miniature for 2011: the Re:Liberator. Why Re? Well, along with the Mackie the first incarnation of the Liberator was destroyed in an accident involving the German postal service giving me the chance to paint this unique miniature (a kitbash by AvaMangoTwo) again.

The paint scheme is again a variation of the standard Star League Defence Forces parade scheme using grey highlights to break up the military green. While I am happy with the overall result of the painting I can’t say the same about the images … I tried a new setup which I felt quite confident about and should have given me good results using only two light … in theory at least. As you can see the results are not the best. There are some glare issues which I didn’t notice until processing the images. Also I am not so sure about the overall lighting and exposure of the pictures (to me they look terribly overexposed … any thoughts?). trying different backgrounds and snapping well over one hundred pictures these are the only somewhat decent results. Well, back to the drawing board for my photography setup.

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