Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


Another contribution to the CSO Diorama at GenCon 2012 the Raven was probably my most ambition mod so far. The legs and the stance where heavily converted (the original miniatures stands mainly on the left foot), I raised the torso quite a bit, added a layer of detail with Green Stuff and both arms were heavily modified to represent a custom variant fitting the theme of Solaris 7.

The color scheme is that of a new Solaris stable, created specifically for the diorama – Zhan Youshi Stables. I won’t give you more details about the stable at this point, only that it has been canonized and I hope to see some of the background I have written appear in one form or another at some time *crosses fingers*. For the paint scheme I knew I wanted to do something involving teal or turquoise. As accent color I chose a light tan as it is fairly neutral and would let me experiment with a few effects without making the mini to busy or too colorful.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures on my terrain background and proper lighting before sending the minis, so the pictures on CSO are rather dark and swallow some details and highlights as the lighting at the convention left a lot to be desired. While you are at Camospecs make sure to check out the Diorama 2012 gallery. Awesome work featured there!

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