Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel

Night Hawk

The Federated Commonwealth Regimental Combat Teams usually use a scheme of blue and gold, but the 3rd RCT is an exception. Nicknamed “The Penitants” they paint their Mechs jet black.

Black is not an easy color to paint in my opinion as the result can easily look grey or whatever-color-was-used-for-highlights-tinted. I based my highlights around Dark Rubber and Light Rubber of the Panzer Aces line of color. As I had never worked with those colors before in hindsight I would probably have chosen different colors. The Panzer Aces colors are highly pigmented similar to GW’s Foundation Colors. This didn’t exactly help with the blending and the application easily gets a bit spotty when the colors are heavily thinned.
To spice up the black scheme I added lots of little details and effects trying to create a dynamic miniature. To be honest the result wasn’t as good as I had imagined, but I am still satisfied with the Mech

You can also see the Night Hawk featured on camospecs.com with a terrain background.

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