Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


My third and last contribution to the Camospecs Online at GenCon Indy 2012 is actually an old miniature I just updated a bit. Initially I painted the Longshot a couple of years ago and when I had the chance to include it for this years Solaris themed diorama I only changed a few things as I thing the overall paint job stood up to the test of time quite well (read apparently I didn’t improve much … ?). All I did was paint the lower arms and part of the legs green and took all the highlights up a notch. You can see the original version of the Longshot here.

From a story point of view the Longshot – Number 4 – is piloted by an independent warrior eager to land a contract with one of the Stables. He finally seems to get a chance – all he has to do is survive an encounter with a Zhan Youshi Stables hunting pack consisting of a Raven and an Eyleuka …

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures on my terrain background and proper lighting before sending the minis, so the pictures on CSO are rather dark and swallow some details and highlights as the lighting at the convention left a lot to be desired. While you are at Camospecs make sure to check out the Diorama 2012 gallery. Awesome work featured there!

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