Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


I always like the Project Phoenix Locust BattleMech – especially the 5V variant with the underslung lasers. The only thing I didn’t like was the arms with those boxy missile launchers. Recently I came across a blister in the “sales bin” where the arms were missing. A quick browse through my bits box, cutting up a few plastic parts, gluing everything together and some putty work later I had new arms which I like much better than the original. Of course the official 5V stats no longer fit the look, but I think I have created an interesting new variant. I haven’t created any in-game stats, but when looking at the arms I think of a Streak SRM2 and maybe lots of electronics. If anyone wants to create some stats for the machine, be my guest 🙂

Painting-wise I went for a red-gray scheme which would fit quite a few units in the BattleTech universe … I was thinking of the Legion of Vega and maybe Lindon’s Company in particular while painting the Mech. The destroyed tank (a Swift Wind scout car) on the base could once have been a part of the Word of Blake Militia.

To give you an impression about the size: the base is a resin plinth from Dragon Forge and the top-area is 35mm diameter. From the bottom of the feet to the top of the arms the miniature is about 32mm in height.

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