Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


This Lancelot, painted in the colors of House Kurita’s 6th An Ting Legion, was my contribution to the 2012 Christmas Exchange on Camospecs Online and is now in the possession of fellow CSO artist Jalphoenix. And yes, I was late and only managed to finish the Mech in January …

Dark blue is one of the colors I have most difficulties with as I never can get the blendings to come out the way I envision them unless I keep the contrast way down. Also I am always unsure which color to use for shading. Still I think this is one of my better attempts even though the contrast still could be higher. But there is always a next time I guess 😉

Sadly the pictures are a tad overexposed (had some difficulties with this one…), but I do have a second set which hopefully turned out better. Will update them asap.

Pictures with a terrain background are up on CSO for your viewing pleasure.

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