Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


The Flashfire is one of the Solaris VII BattleMech designs and in my opinion one of the nicest Iron Wind Metals miniatures so far. I modified this Flashfire from the stock miniature by filing off the spikes and cutting the feet of the ground plate so I could reposition the legs into a walking pose. Underneath the raised foot I ‘sculpted’ a sole texture by rolling out a little bit of Green Stuff and using the grip of my xActo knife like a rolling pin.

Painting-wise I went for a simple ‘military’ look with lots of weathering. I also tried to introduce a few colors like blue and turquoise in the shadows were appropriate to act like environment lights, but the effect is very subtle and unfortunately gets lost in the pictures.

The trooper on the base is from Ground Zero Games and stands exactly 6mm tall. The road sign was scratchbuild using a needle for the pole and thin plasticard for the sign itself.

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