Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


The official colors of House Dai Da Chi of the Capellan Condederation are ‘a gold-tinged green with green or black accents’. Intrigued by the gold-tinged green I knew I had to try out the scheme eventually. My approach was to use a rather vivid green build around Reaper Master Series Muddy Green (sound rather bright doesn’t it ? ) and Vallejo Model Colors Camo Bright Green. To get the ‘gold-ting’ I highlighted the green parts by adding Vallejo Model Air Interior Yellow to the mix until using neat Interior Yellow. For the final highlights I added a drop of white for selected hotspots. The green parts were shaded using a medium to dark blue.

At first I wanted to omit battle damage … but I can’t … I did go light on it however and the damaged spots were painted as if the damage is new and fresh.

All in all a very interesting miniature to paint. You can also see the Firebee featured on camospecs.com with a terrain background.

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