Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel

Clint IIc

I must admit, I always had a soft spot for the 40ton Mechs in the classic Technical Readout 3025 (well … except maybe for the Hermes II …). Among these, the Clint is arguably my favorite. The Clint also has a Clan version, the Clint IIc. Finally I found the time to paint it 🙂 This was my “post GenCon relaxation miniature”. Arguably not my best work, but one of the most enjoyable miniatures I have painted recently.

Clan Snow Raven’s Beta Galaxy has the very interesting scheme “of teal and dark olive gray with yellow and light gray highlights”. What sound very busy actually works rather well in my opinion.

As with most Mechs I paint, you can also find the Clint IIc on CSO with a terrain background.

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