Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


True to their name House Steiner’s Tamar Cavaliers use a very ‘knightly’ scheme of silver and red. As silver is the dominant color it presents the nice challenge of painting a Mech almost completely in metallics. Metallics can be done rather quickly, but if you accept the challenge they can be quite daunting and time consuming to paint. Usually the basic contrast we try to achieve when painting is dark (shadows) and light (highlights), but metallics add another dimension to this contrast – shine and dull. Where metallics are reflecting the light there is a lot of shine as the edges are ‘sparkling’ in the light, but if you observe closely shadows for the most part are not just dark(er), but also flat. In order to achieve this I used glazes of ‘normal’ acrylic paint to create shadows over a base of Boltgun Metal (GW). In hindsight I probably should have gone even more ‘flat’ in the shadows upping the contrast, but then metallics are difficult to get good pictures of ?Watch movie online Logan (2017)

If you like seeing miniatures with a terrain background you can find the Avatar on Camospecs Online.

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