Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


My first miniature in 2014 should have been my last in 2013 as it was my contribution to the annual CSO Christmas Exchange. Well … it is done now and hopefully is safely in the hands of foxbat by now. And I am already behind schedule for 2014 … 😉

The Knights of the Republic are a very “painter-friendly” unit as their members have the option to ignore the official scheme and paint their equipment in the colors of their own choosing. The Avatar is painted in the personal colors of the Knight piloting the Mech. Painting-wise I tried to play with contrast a lot, not just light-dark, but also cold-warm. The miniature was based with GW Scaly Green (one of the old GW colors which is slowly running – and drying – out and I haven’t found a suitable replacement yet …) and shaded with increasing amounts of Periscopes and black. Highlights were then created by adding yellow for the upper parts and turquoise and white for the lower parts to create an interesting appearance. I am quite happy with the result and will certainly experiment some more with this way of painting.

You can also find the Avatar on Camospecs Online with a tabletop background.

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