Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel

Atlas II

It is this time of the year again – GenCon! One day I will be there for sure, but for now only my miniatures make it here. After a hiatus last year, Camospecs Online is back with a vengeance and a fantastic diorama showcasing the invasion of Terra by the Wolf Empire and the final battle between the Wolves and the Republic of the Sphere in the ruins of Unity City.

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to paint one of the main characters – Devlin Stone and his Atlas II. Wanting to do something special I created this Atlas II using various IWM parts (Atlas II, 3rd sculpt Atlas, Primitive Banshee, Stormcrow, …) and sculpted parts to create a unique miniature. The scheme of Stone’s unit, Stone’s Lament, was a real challenge. I knew I couldn’t pull off a more or less realistic skeleton on the Mech, I tried a different approach. To me the scheme – a distinctive black-and-white skeletal color scheme – always had something ad-hoc and feral or savage. I imagined when the scheme first came to be it was an ad-hoc decision and was rather hastily and crudely applied, but very effective and striking nonetheless. So I thought #why not still do it this way’. Overall I think the approach works, although my execution could be much better. Live and learn, I guess and all in all I am quite happy with the result.

You can also the miniature with a terrain background in the Diorama 2014 gallery on CSO

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