Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel

Tau Air Caste Pilot

The Tau Air Caste Pilot is a resin model from Forgeworld – my first experience with resin apart from the occasionally scenic bit, base or plinth. I quickly learned that working with resin is quite different than working with metal … at least when it comes to the preparation work before the actual painting starts. Resin is much softer and much more fragile than metal. I made the mistake of using a file for the clean up, leaving the surface quite uneven, even after priming. This made the painting a bit tricky and it was impossible to achieve smooth blends on some parts of the miniature (the jump suit for example). A very frustrating experience, but a valuable lesson learned for the future.

Looking at the scene you probably ask yourself, what is a Tau pilot doing on the ground? Actually his fighter was shot down, but he could eject in time. After landing safely and getting rid of his helmet, he activated his emergency beacon and is now waiting for pick up. As he is all alone on a hostile planet he is a rather edgy unable to shake the feeling that he is not alone … Who will arrive first? Extraction team or enemy reinforcements …

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