Painted miniatures by Michael Holzapfel


Welcome to my online portfolio.

This website serves as a gathering place for everything dealing with my favorite hobby – painting little miniatures.

A bit about me – My name is Michael and I have been an avid collector of fantasy and science-fiction miniatures for many years now. I focus mainly on 28-32mm and 6mm (read BattleTech) scale, but thanks to companies like Andrea with their Warlord range or Enigma Miniatures 54mm becomes more and more tempting. Painting these miniatures to a more or less high level became more and more important to me and since 2003 I try to push myself and paint every miniature to the best of my (current …) abilities – a very rewarding (but time-consuming) undertaking.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to win a few awards with my miniatures and I am currently one of the Catalyst Game Labs and Iron Wind Metals “house” painters, painting Battletech miniatures for IWM’s online shop and for CGL’s Battletech products.

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